Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Praise of Cats

I love cats. I love cats A LOT. I can't remember a time when I haven't had a cat sharing my life. Well, yes, I guess I can. There were four years when I was in 8th - 11th grade that we didn't have a cat. But that was a very long time ago and except for those few years there has always been a cat or two or three.

Currently I have Thomas, who is the Head Cat--"El Gato Supremo" if you will. He's got all the dogs properly trained to defer to cats. Or at least to him. Then there's Oakley, who's a Head Cat wannabe. He's an indoor cat, so he's relegated to being in charge of Indoor Security. Samantha is Queen of the Universe--all of it. She adores dogs and rubs up against them all the time. She's also oblivious to all the little power-plays the rest of the critters indulge in. As Queen of the Universe she doesn't bother herself with such trivial matters!

As a die-hard cat lover, I consequently also love anything cat-related. Cat ornaments, cat socks, cat figurines, cat screensavers, and especially Laurel Burch cats. So you can imagine, I LOVE the cat bags that Catfluff makes. They are SO cute! And yes, they remind me of Laurel Burch cats. In this particular bag Catfluff has turned the cat into a very clever outside pocket. The bell on the cat's collar is such an AWESOME touch! Therefore, I very highly recommend that if anyone needs a cat-fix that they head over to Catfluff's ArtFire studio and buy one of her bags!

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