Monday, December 13, 2010

The Newest Landowner in Rutersville....Well, Soon...

Life does go on, and as the saying goes, "to everything there is a season." This isn't exactly how I envisioned my future, but it's what I have to work with so I might as well make the best of it. I had hoped to be the newest landowner in Rutersville this week, but no such luck. The title company is going to have to do whatever it is that title companies are supposed to do, which means that by the middle of January I hope they will have done what's necessary for me to be able to close on my property so I can get started on the next phase--building a home on it.

Certainly there's lots of work to be done. A septic system is going to have to be put in to replace the cesspool. I'm leery of a water well not 100 feet away from the cesspool, so probably better to just dig a new one and use the current one for the yard. The house isn't really habitable, but it'll do as a shed to store materials while a new one is being built--and then it can come down. True, it's going to take some creative landscaping to utilize the concrete slabs, but it can be done. And it's certainly cheaper than having them removed. I know THAT from experience! So no, they'll stay.

Alot of the materials can be used for other things. The pieces of tin look relatively new and certainly will make a great roof on a dog pen. The railing on the chain link fence is pretty beat up, but the fencing itself is in good shape. Certainly there's plenty for a first-class dog pen and still have enough for a back yard area for the dogs to run around in.

And then there's the view. Ah yes...the view. The property is 1.596 acres. Not huge, but certainly all I need! Roughly that's about equal to 1.5 football fields. Plenty of room to spread out and wander around the yard in my nightgown without anyone caring.
So here are the photos of my soon-to-be-all-mine piece of rural Fayette County, Texas.