Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Back to Basics

I've always loved gemstones. Rocks, actually. But whatever, I like them. I think that's probably what attracted me to using gemstones in my jewelry making. I look at those little gemstone beads and just marvel. What stories would they tell if they could talk? Earth's history is wrapped up in them. Maybe that's why I love WooleyCreeks' turtle fetish necklace so very much. It just speaks of all the connections to nature and to the Earth. Turtles are a symbol of long-life, so I like that aspect even more.

But lately I've also been working with beads. I had no idea of what a rich history glass seed beads have. "Seeds of eternity" they were originally believed to resemble, and I can certainly relate to that. Fluid and flowing, beadwork reminds me also of our connections to the past and of our rich Native American history and heritage. This pair of Wooleycreek's earrings are some of my very favorite. She sets a very high standard for me to attempt to reach for! If you need inspiration, you truly need to visit her shop! The web address is: See you there!

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