Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Committed

It's been a really long, hard road fraught with decisions, indecisions, changed minds, over-priced land, and just about anything going wrong that can go wrong. BUT, I have FINALLY settled on a cabin. Is it as big as I'd like? No, but it'll do. Is it the style I'd like? No, but again, it'll do. Is it the best of what I can do within my limitations? Yes, I think it is. I'm happy with it. And it'll be mine.

I still have to complete the land sale, get final financing, pay to drill a water well, pay to have a septic system installed, pay to have a road put in, pay to have it fenced, pay to have a carport, pay, and pay some more. But it could be worse and lots of people would love to be in my position, so I'm not really complaining. Well, not much I'm not. At any rate, I have paid the 50% down--$47,690.97. So I guess that means I'm committed. Actually, it's kind of exciting!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Three Kings Day to Victoria!

The only reason this is being published is because my gift to Victoria didn't get there before the Gourdie Girls opened their gifts--I set it up that way. SO. . . . first order of business is to apologize to Victoria. I KNEW I should allow extra time for her gift to arrive in the UK. It's not like it's just down the street afterall--but I didn't. I meant to, and I tried, but life got in the way. So Victoria, I apologize. I hope when you DO receive it that it will be worth the wait and will make up for the disappointment in not being able to physically open your gift with the rest of the Gourdies.

Fortunately I took pictures of Victoria's gift before I mailed it. When she was here in Texas, Victoria made a casual mention that she had tried to purchase one of these on ArtFire, but the shipping was too expensive. What I later figured out was the price was for Priority Mail. So yeah, it WAS too expensive! So here you go Victoria--the vendor's apron your wanted.

The apron is two colors of purple fabric (what else!) I machine quilted together. An embroidered pocket on each side makes the apron 100% reversible. Even the waistband and ties are reversible! The pocket has been stitched to divide it into three smaller pockets. The embroidery, a filigree style butterfly, is designed to be as similar to Victoria's logo as possible. Her shop name is embroidered on the top of the design, and her name is on the bottom.

Now, since Victoria works with her mother, Maureen, at all her shows it seemed unfair to not make one for her mother as well--so I did. But there's a catch to it. Each apron is indeed reversible, but one side says Victoria, and the other side says Maureen. On one apron Victoria's name is on the dark fabric, and on the other apron her name is on the light fabric. The other side on each apron says Maureen.

This means our Butterfly Crafts team is going to have to decide which color they're going to wear and make sure they each have the proper side of their apron showing! They can wear the aprons so that their name is showing on the dark fabric, or they can switch aprons and wear them so that light color pocket with their name is showing.

I wouldn't have done this except for the fact that I know how close Victoria is with her mother. It is my hope that this will add just one more small measure of closeness between them as they do their craft shows together. And yes, I hope too, that using the aprons will remind Victoria of the love and friendship I feel for her, and for ALL the Gourdie Girls who continue to brighten my life with THEIR love and friendship.