Friday, April 24, 2009

In Praise of Jewelry

Lots of people make jewelry, and of course I'm one of them. It drives my husband crazy when he's trying to think of something to get me for a birthday or Christmas and I'll tell him "well, you could always get me (blank) piece of jewelry I like." "But you MAKE jewelry!" he'll exclaim. Well yeah, but that doesn't mean I don't like MORE jewelry, or that I don't want someone else's jewelry! All it means is that I can appreciate beautiful pieces, the workmanship involved, and the little details that "regular" people probably overlook. Take, for example Creative Cove's Jewelry Designs. I love her creative use of findings.

Look at the pendant. What she's done is take a toggle clasp and used it to support pendant! It's these little touches of hers that I really, really. Which all goes to show that no matter your skill level, you can always learn something cool from someone else! This isn't the only piece where CreativeCove has used components in ways other than the traditional. Go check out her shop at and prepare yourself for a feast of the senses. I also have it on pretty good authority that she wouldn't mind if anyone decided to buy one of her pieces either!

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