Friday, June 19, 2009

PAY ATTENTION! I've Got it ALL figured out!!

When you knit you have time to think. So while I have been knitting on a pair of socks for my co-worker's mother-in-law who has just been diagnosed with cancer, I have plenty of opportunity to think about other things. In this case, that's good, because I've been trying to come up with a way to make amends to all the ArtFire Crazy Train riders who got short-changed by me during May and most of June. And I've finally got it!!! SO LISTEN UP!

From NOW until the END of June, for each dollar you spend in one of the shops I skipped, I will give you half that value as a discount in Rocky Creek Gems. If you spend $20, you will get a $10 credit in my shop. And if that means something you like is $10, then hey, it's yours free for the cost of shipping.

Now, in order to spread the shopping around, you may buy as many things as you'd like from one of those shops, but it will need to be just one transaction. That's only fair to everyone else! That's the only limitation I'm putting on this. You may combine all your credits from as many shops as you like, or you may redeem them as you go. Your choice.

SO HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Send me an email ( with the following information:
A. The shop(s) you made your purchase(s) from.
B. The amount of the purchase(s) (not including shipping!).
C. The transaction number(s).

WHAT I WILL DO: Once I have contacted the seller and verified your purchase, I will send you an email with the exact amount of your credit.

Since the coupon code isn't operational yet, when you redeem your credits and are ready to check out, choose the payment option where you will mail me your payment. You can then send me a note telling me you're redeeming credits. If there's additional money due, I can then send an invoice for the difference and/or mark it Paid. That way you can also still leave and receive Kudos/Karma. You'll have until June 30 to redeem your credits.

So, do I still have your attention? Good! Here's the list of shops eligible for this offer:

Okay, that's 23 eligible shops! Now surely you can find something to buy with that kind of variety to choose from.

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