Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Aunt of Invention

If Necessity is the the mother of Invention, then Desperation is the sister of Necessity. And THAT makes it the Aunt of Invention.

When you need to bead, you need to bead! It's that simple. And when you need to bead a cabochon, but don't have a cabochon--well you can get pretty desperate! Of course, non-beaders wouldn't understand that, but we beaders understand completely. I absolutely LOVE the story behind this gorgeous necklace from Haffina Creations. Desperate to bead a cabochon and not having one, she raided her mother's button stash and found....the perfect substitute cabochon! WAY TO GO!!

Now, lest you think Haffina is just another "pretty beader" forget it! Get a look at this scarf she knitted. It's 101F here in Elgin, Texas today, but I'd still love to just cuddle up with this lovely creation right now--in the air conditioning of course!

Did I mention that Haffina also makes polymer beads? Oh yeah! She does that too. Check out these Mandala Turtle Beads. Pretty awesome, huh?So, uh, why are you still reading this blog? Why aren't you over at her studio shopping all her gorgeous treasures? Get going!

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