Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's Have a Halloween Sale!

I'm no different from most of us--I get sucked into the holiday "oh I've gotta have this" just as much as the next person. What's different? It's different because I'm supposed to be making things to sell with these cool "gotta haves." Now that I've got them, the holiday for which they were made is fast approaching; and once it's over there is no more demand for these things until next year. Of course by then I'll have found more "oh I've gotta have this" items. SO....let's have a sale! What all is on sale? Well, let's see....

How about some decorations that you can just hand on your door handle for some quick and easy decorating? These are PERFECT for offices--fun but not overdone.

Remember when we used to use paper grocery bags when we went trick or treating? Those fancy containers that kids have nowadays just didn't exist. And if you were really lucky your mother might actually let you use an old pillowcase! Those were our favorites because you didn't have to worry about them tearing from the weight of all the candy the way paper bags did. But of course, the chances of actually being allowed to use one was pretty slim. Today's kids would rather die than be seen tricking or treating with an old pillowcase!

Halloween pillowcases on the other hand are a fun treat to have! Sure, you could use them for trick or treating, but they're even more fun to sleep on! They're 100% cotton, practical, cute, and something totally different. They come in sets of two, and with lots of choices you're sure to find something your little ghost or goblin will shreek in delight over.

I like decorating for holidays in the less "traditional" places. Doorknobs are one of those places of course, but so are bathrooms. This cheerful hand towel and face cloth wouldn't scare anyone, but it sure is cute!

Then of course, there's clothing. I hate to dress up for Halloween in a costume. YUK! I do like to dress for the season and for the occasion! So I love holiday-themed clothes! Shirts are one of my favorites. This is a long-sleeve deep burgundy red T-shirt that has been embroidered with an autumn faerie. This design has close to 90,000 stitches in it, and took nearly 7 hours to complete. My other favorite holiday item is socks! Yes, I DO love socks! These two pairs of socks don't actually have to be confined to Halloween, but since they were knit with Halloween in mind, it's only fair to include them in the sale.

So there you have it. From now until October 20th, everything in the Halloween category is 15% off. Everything! Use the code TRICKORTREAT when you check out to see your 15% discount. After that it's going to my booth at the Oct. 24th craft show. From there, whatever doesn't sell goes to my office-mates, daughter, and the grandkids. Enjoy!!

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