Monday, September 14, 2009

Inside the Cabin

Thanks to all of you who have commented on the photo of the cabin. Yes, I love it! It is peaceful and relaxing and the perfect place to just unwind. And having it makes it possible for me to help my parents out on the weekend. Without it I'd be driving 126 round trip! This way we have a "base of operation" for all our activity in the vicinity. So, here are some views of the inside!

Views of course wouldn't be complete with showing you some of the cedar beams that go across the ceiling decorated with some of my handiwork. The turkey-tail fan is from one of MY turkeys! We dried it and I decorated it with beadwork. There's actually six of them--one on each side of the three beams. The wreath is also made from turkey tail feathers. It's hanging high up on the wall--above the fish clock shown in the first photo actually. And of course, my husband Mike and Zoe, one of our Boykin spaniels, sitting on the front steps of the cabin after a successful teal duck hunt. Zoe is particularly fond of retrieving teal ducks because they're small--just like she is!

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  1. How lovely, Linda. It looks like a wonderful place to retreat to.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Ahhhhhhhh.
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