Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors

What do you think of when you hear "Rock, Paper, Scissors?" The old decision-making game could apply equally well to Liberty Doll Creations. Why? Well because she does all three, and because making the decision as to which ones you can't live without can be difficult, that's why!

Take this gorgeous pink marble elephant pendant for example. Definitely a "rock," and a very cute one too! Yes, you could say "IT ROCKS!" because of course, it does!

Then there's the "Paper:" such as these absolutely ADORABLE little mini-envelopes! They're perfect for little gift tags--just seal them with a sticker, sealing wax, sticky rhinestone--you name it!

And "Scissors?" Yup! She's got that as well! With her trusty scissors (and a little help from a sewing machine) Liberty Doll is able to produce cute little items like these precious drawstring bags and doll clothes. Doll clothes? Yes! She actually makes doll clothes! I HATE making doll clothes. I can do it, but I sure don't like to. In the same amount of time I can make a full-size garment. So trust me--if you've got little girls who need doll clothes--shop here!

So, let's see now, decisions, decisions. Scissors cut paper; rocks squish scissors, and paper wraps rocks...
Oh heck! Just get them all! I have a feeling LibertDoll won't mind in the least!

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